When discussing board-up services in the Pittsburgh area, you may wonder what scenarios would require you to hire a professional board-up services company in the first place. Let’s take a look at some common scenarios…

1. Fire Damage

Fires can be devastating, leaving behind not only physical damage but also emotional scars. In the aftermath of a fire, your property may have broken windows, damaged doors, or compromised structural integrity. Board-up services are essential to secure the premises promptly. Our experienced professionals will assess the situation, prioritize safety, and efficiently board up affected areas.

2. Storm and Weather-Related Damage

Pittsburgh experiences its fair share of extreme weather, from fierce thunderstorms to heavy snowfall. These weather events can cause significant damage to properties, including broken windows and damaged roofs. Board-up services are often required to prevent further water intrusion or structural deterioration until permanent repairs can be made.

3. Vandalism and Break-Ins

Property vandalism and break-ins are unfortunate realities in any urban area, including Pittsburgh. When your property has been targeted, it’s vital to act swiftly to secure it against future incidents. Board-up services can help fortify entry points, such as doors and windows, to deter intruders and protect your assets.

4. Abandoned or Vacant Properties

Pittsburgh has its share of vacant or abandoned buildings, which can become magnets for trespassers, squatters, and criminal activity. To prevent these issues, property owners often opt for board-up services to secure openings and make these properties less accessible to unauthorized individuals.

5. Vehicle Collisions

Accidents happen, and sometimes vehicles collide with buildings, causing structural damage and shattered windows. In such cases, board-up services are essential to make the property safe while repairs are scheduled. Quick response times are crucial to minimize the risk of further damage or injury.

Of course, there are many other scenarios that may require these services. It is best to request a consultation with our professionals to assess the situation properly.

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